Viral Post Shows Clever PS5 Hiding Spot | Game Rant

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Game Rant • December 28th 2020

The PlayStation 5 was undoubtedly one of the most in-demand presents for the holiday season this year. Unfortunately, the PS5 has sold out just about everywhere, which means that a lot of Christmas wishes were left unfulfilled. However, those lucky enough to get their hands on a console to give as a gift still had a tall order to fill, as the PS5 still needs to be hidden so the surprise isn't ruined.Luckily, one family appears to have found a solution to the situation, figuring out the perfect hiding spot to ensure that the console isn't discovered by "teenage kids." While a closet is an obvious answer, one family went just a bit deeper, ensuring that the PS5 wouldn't be found even by those dastardly enough to go on the hunt for exposed gifts. That perfect hiding spot just so happened to be a dishwasher.RELATED: 'No PS5' is Trending on TwitterThe joke here is obvious, teenagers are opposed to doing the dishes so it stands to reason they wouldn't bother to crack open the dishwasher. Of course, hidden inside is one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, a gaming console that few people have managed to get their hands on. The poster doesn't dive into much detail about what it was like on Christmas day, though if the console remained in there for a while, it was likely quite the surprise.Of course, there's the obvious danger of someone unknowingly running the dishwasher, though that seems like a fair risk to take, especially if the system was only left in there for a little while. It's also somewhat likely that the post is just a joke, and that the console was just put inside the dishwasher for a quick photo op before finding its way under a tree, wrapped and ready to be opened up.Continued console shortages are unfortunate, though it is nice seeing the wholesome reaction videos of families opening up their new game consoles. Major launches only come around every so often, which makes the positive reactions feel all the better. While far fewer people got consoles this year than those that wanted them, availability should start to pick up again soon.In the meantime, those that missed out on the console can simply wait. Luckily, with some exceptions video game rollouts are going to be slow for a large part of next year, so fans aren't missing out on that much if they're still playing on the PS4 or Xbox One.The PS5 is available now.MORE: 91% of 2020's Game Industry Revenue Was Digital